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In order to reaffirm our commitment to transparency in the collection, storage and processing of personal data, we are committed to complying with the obligations set out in the LGPD.

LGPD stands for "General Personal Data Protection Law" and refers to Law no. 13.709/2018, whose purpose is to regulate the collection, storage and processing of personal data in national territory.

For this, we make the documents available on the links below:

What are and what are these files for.


1. What are Cookies?

2. How Cookies are used by the Website

3. Social Media Plugins

4. How to Manage Cookies?

5. Contact us

The purpose of this policy is to provide the user of the Website and the services offered by the Website with clear and accessible information about the Cookies we use, both on the website and in mobile device applications and how this affects your experience as a user.

This Cookie Policy is complementary to our Privacy Policy, see the contents of the Privacy Policy on the respective page.


1. What are Cookies?

Cookies are small files that are stored on your computer when you access websites on the Internet. When a website is visited, it sends the Cookie to your computer or cell phone, which is stored in a folder located inside your browser/browser.

Cookies do not transfer viruses or malware to your computer or cell phone, as the information in a Cookie does not change when you move the respective website backwards, and there is no way to change the functioning of your device. As such, they act as records (user activities), being updated every time the website is accessed.

We may obtain information about your navigation once granted collection of Cookies, sent through our Website.

Cookies are essential tools for browsing online. They consist of files that identify the interaction between you, our Website and our social networks or advertisements, and which are transferred to your equipment (computer, tablet or smartphone) in order to optimize and personalize your browsing experience on the Website.

It's because of Cookies, for example, that you see ads for things you've already looked for when you visit social media sites, news, and more.

The term "cookie" can be used to describe a number of technologies, including but not limited to pixel tags, web beacons and mobile device identifiers.

Our Website uses both Session Cookies and Persistent Cookies.

Session Cookies collect information that does not allow the user to be identified and are automatically deleted when your browser window is closed.

Persistent Cookies are stored on your computer or mobile device until their expiration and collect information that can identify the individual. In addition, Cookies used on the Website may be "proprietary", ie Cookies set by us - or a third party on our behalf - or "third parties", which allow trusted third party features or functionality to be provided on the Website or through them or in services used such as advertisements, interactive content or analytics. These third parties may recognize your device when you browse our Website or use our services or when you browse other websites or use other services.


2. How Cookies are used by the Website

Below we list the different types of Cookies that can be used on the Website.

Essential Cookies

Essential Cookies are necessary for the functioning of the Website and providing the services to you. Without these Cookies, the Website will not function as well as we would like, and we may not be able to provide certain services or features associated with them.

Cookie Type Description
Session Session Cookies are used to maintain application state.
Load balancing Load Balancing Cookies are used to distribute and to lighten server load.
User ID User Identification Cookies are used to ensure that users only see their own information.
Safety Security Cookies are used for security controls and verifications.

Preferences Cookies

Preference Cookies collect information about your choices and preferences, allowing our Website to remember the language, location, device used or other settings and for your experience to be tailored to those preferences.

Cookie Type Description
Language Language Cookies are used to store the language the user has selected, and to show the correct options.
Location The user's approximate address (city, state, country, postal code), as determined by the IP address, is stored to allow you to automatically select the country, thus showing which establishments are closest to the user.
Mobile If the user views the Website on a mobile device, a cookie is set to indicate that the main website (ie that the device supports Flash) or the non-Flash mobile website has been selected.
Reference Website The referring website is registered to better understand the user's preference.
Last visit and activity Dates of last visits and activities and other similar information are recorded so that users can be provided with updates on "what has changed on the website since their last visit" and to better understand their preferences.
Recently viewed videos Dates and titles of recently viewed videos are recorded to better define user preferences.
Flash Cookies Flash Cookies are used in order to allow the playback of audio and video content.
Page History Page History Cookies are used to control the sequence of pages the user visits. If the user receives an error message when visiting the Website, the cookie information is stored in a log file for error reporting and resolution.

Analytical Cookies

Analytical Cookies collect information about the use of the website, allowing us to improve its functioning. Analytic Cookies, for example, show us which pages are most visited on the Website, help us to record any difficulties users experience in navigating the Website, and show us whether our advertising is effective or not. This makes it possible to see the global usage patterns of the Website in an anonymous and aggregated form.

Cookie Type Description
Google Analytics Google Analytics Cookies collect statistical data to improve presentation and navigation on the Website. Google completes the aggregated data with demographics and other information of interest so that we can better understand our visitors.

Advertising Cookies

Advertising Cookies are used for marketing purposes, allowing you to target the advertisements that appear to you based on your interests. The goal is to make advertising content more relevant to you, improve reporting on campaign performance, and avoid showing ads that you've already seen.

Some of the pages you visit on the Website may also collect information through the use of pixel tags (or pixel tags), which may be shared with third parties who directly support our website development and promotion activities.

For example, our Website usage information may be shared with a third party, such as an advertising agency, so that we can better target banner ads on our Website.

Cookie Type Description
Advertising Distribute targeted/behavioral advertising.
Market studies Conduct market studies.
Campaign / Promotion Measure campaign effectiveness.
Fraud Detection Detect click fraud.


3. Social Media Plugins

We also use social media buttons and/or plugins on the Website. They allow you to connect with your social network in a variety of ways. For these to work, social media websites such as Facebook will define tracking technologies on our Website that can be used to enhance your profile on their websites or contribute data stored for various purposes outlined in their respective privacy policy.


4. How to Manage Cookies?

While most internet browsers are initially set to accept Cookies automatically, many also allow you to change settings to block Cookies or to alert you when Cookies are sent to your device.

To learn more, consult your browser's help options.

Please note that if Cookies are disabled or removed, not all features of the Website may function as intended. For example, you may not be able to visit certain areas of our Website or you may not receive personalized information when you visit the Website.

If you use different devices to view and access the Website (eg computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.), you must configure each browser on each device to meet your Cookies preferences.


5. Contact us

If you have any questions about this Cookie Policy, please contact us through our available Service Channels.